Haddon PR offers a complete public relations package, including Brand Building, Marketing, Social Media and creative campaigns for brand and collection launches.


Our roster of PR contacts means we can always find the right product placement to get your brand noticed while simultaneously enhancing a celebrity's stylistic credentials.


Haddon PR doesn’t believe in heavy-handed public relations: We don't push brands where they don't belong, we look for comfortable fits that make the right connections – and our clients reap the rewards.


Veterans of many industry events, we know how to create the right event for you and have the contacts list to get the right people through the door. Come to one of our events and see us in action.


Phone: 07894 085 889

"The HaddonPR team have always been accommodating with my styling requests, this is a relationship that will last for years."

Idris Elba, Actor

"Mark has always had a fantastic eye for fashion and whenever I'm in town I make sure he is on speed dial for my clothing requests."

Michael Fassbender, Actor

"Mark Haddon has an industry finger on the pulse! He represents cool upcoming brands as well as well established labels. Am a massive fan of Native Youth."

Tinchy Stryder, Artist

"Haddon PR always delivers the results. Quick to respond, a great selection of samples and very pro-active. Mark Haddon and I have had a long standing working relationship and he really understands and reacts to journalists needs."

Adrian Clark, Style Director ShortList

"Haddon PR blends contemporary streetwear with quintessential British style unlike any other company working on a global scale."

Daniel Sandison, Hypebeast Editor