17 London is a rebellious streetwear brand inspired by past and modern street culture as well today’s social media culture, for the cool millennial who wants high quality garments at accessible prices.

With aspirations for the wearer to feel they can express themselves when wearing the brand, 17 London’s collection of dark monochromatic and graphic t shirts, tracksuits and caps, and attention to detail, fit perfectly in any wardrobe for easy wearing with no boundaries.

17 London will be collaborating with up and coming artists, as well as working with new designers to create exciting injection ranges.

Available at www.17london.co.uk
For more information, high res images or samples please contact mark@haddonpr.com



The Bonneterie d’Armor was founded in 1938 by Swiss-German

businessman and engineer Walter Hubacher. He started with creating a production of high quality underwear and Breton striped shirts under the brand “Armor Lux”.

Today Bonneterie d’Armor includes three production facilities in France, 550 employees and more than 76 years of experience in high quality wear.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.13.24



Bata Heritage release AW17 Footwear collec on in their 3 key styles, Bullet, Tennis and Hot Shots.

Bata Heritage’s Bullet Shoes, famously worn by basketballer Magic Johnson, o er a range of rich autumnal colours such a burgundy, khaki, dark blues, mustard, orange, greys and black. Also available in leather as well as the classic canvas and rubber combina on.

The AW17 classic Tennis style trainer, originally from India is also available in a range of colours for winter as well as Bata’s Hot Shot’s, a favourite of Rock legend Kurt Cobain, in khaki, navy and blue with contras ng logos.

From £40
Available online, at Hip Store and Collette.







Since 1984, Bermudes finds its inspiration in the world of sailing and yachting. The brand has the ambition to deal with high performance, comfort, and style. The collection mixes technical clothes, where the performance of Bermudes expresses itself, and sportswear clothes for everyday life!


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fb-caylerandsonsFounded in 2012, CAYLER & SONS has become one of the key players in the headwear game over night. Premium quality and innovative graphics, often with a humorous twist, are characteristics for CAYLER & SONS. By now CAYLER & SONS has released several footwear and apparel collections and has established the elevated Black Label Brand and a high quality denim collection.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.48.21

Born from the 80s Street Culture, CHEVIGNON – at that time a teenage icon -has evolved ever since. Today it draws on its revisited DNA with flight jackets, bomber jackets, teddys and down jackets, and lets its creativity soar when it comes to the male wardrobe.
Some things never change. A rare bird, Chevignon conceives and designs beautiful clothes in France that are made to last, with the motto: “what is beautiful stays beautiful”. The CHEVIGNON man, at ease in his era, combines appearance and casualness. A style which always has and always will remain unique and that symbolizes the rallying cry of the groups who see the city as their playground.
Far from the dictates of fashion, CHEVIGNON proposes an extensive wardrobe renewed every season, for the man who is comfortable with his choices and personality.

Chevignon, the real choice.




Fresh isn’t just a state of mind – it’s a lifestyle. We didn’t create Crep Protect to be a part of the culture – we are the culture. We live this culture. Every sneakerhead knows the feeling of getting looked up and down, and it all starts with the kicks. Your feet say a thousand words so you don’t have to, so you want to be clean from head to toe.

There’s nothing worse than stains on a pair of box fresh shoes, and that’s why we created Crep Protect. Ask any sneakerhead and they’ll tell you; you can touch, stain, or wipe any piece of clothing you want, but the shoes are off limits. Tiptoe all you want though, accidents happen. So what are you going to do, put your shoes on ice and turn your collection into a museum? Never that. Keep your collection fresh with Crep Protect. Most materials are safe from liquids of all kinds. Suede, nubuck, or canvas; all protected by an invisible layer of protection of our own creation. Crep Protect provides a breathable barrier that protects your shoes from liquids without altering the look one bit.

Crep Protect is all about pushing the culture forward, so catch us at the hottest festivals, conventions, release days, store openings and lifestyle events. A lot of people talk about the future, but CP isn’t about waiting for the future; it’s about making the future happen today.

Nano technology may sound like something for nerds in lab coats and goggles, but that’s not how we think here at Crep Protect. The concept is as simple as the execution – when you spray Crep Protect on your shoes, you’re left with an invisible, clear protective barrier on your shoes that causes any spilled liquids to bead up instead of soaking in. Crep Protect can repel most liquids, and a quick wipe with a damp cloth is enough to clean your shoes after a spill. One treatment can last up to two weeks so one easy application of the spray and a few moments to dry is all you need.

The concept is a simple but effective, and that’s why our buzz is worldwide. Our army of supporters is growing stronger by the day. Just check the timeline of your favourite DJ, rapper, artist, or sneakerhead; we’re sure you’ll see our logo somewhere in the cut. We have supporters in the top tiers of every corner of the culture, so why not get down with the Crep Protect revolution and see for yourself.




Deskmate was established in 2017. Founders Arthur Maisonnier and Ashley Lockwood identified a gap in the market for portable, stylish and fun standing desk. After spending hours working uncomfortably in corporate environments they were inspired to create a healthy, no-fuss, affordable product that everyone could enjoy. You work for 8 hours a day, it’s time you did it better.

Deskmate’s ambition is to become the must have accessory for Women and Men alike. Having already become a permanent fixture with start-ups, stylists and the blogger community, the brand aims to fuse fashion, lifestyle and health to create a product that everyone can enjoy, anywhere.

Our aim is to make the world work better. We create portable, stylish and desk friendly products that enable people to work better just about anywhere. The world is more mobile now, people work from anywhere and on the go. Deskmate enables you to do that in a fun, portable and efficient way as well as improving posture while working and therefore increasing productivity!

Made from Industrial strength cardboard with a professional matte finish, deskmate is laser cut with carry cases to match your deskmate’s print. With a collection of seasonal prints, your deskmate is more than just a desk but an accessory. Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, when you buy a desk, we even plant a tree!

Available in two sizes, the original deskmate two-tiered standing desk converter, and the Mini deskmate, a laptop only converter, perfect for portability.

Prices range from £29-£39
Buy now online at: https://deskmate.co/



The Ed Hardy brand has won international acclaim for their collections of much sought after Ed Hardy Tees, along with their assortment of eye catching Ed Hardy hoodies which you can find in the wardrobes of many of well-known celebrities, from Madonna to Snoop Dogg. The Ed Hardy brand has increased in popularity year on year, both in the states and UK, continuing to go from strength to strength.




Ellesse was founded by Leonardo Servadio in Perugia in 1959. The name Ellesse derives from the initials of Servadio’s name, “L.S.”

Ellesse grew in popularity during the 1970s as a producer of skiwear such as quilted jackets and ski pants. In 1979, Ellesse’s Jet Pant, a ski pant featuring padded knees and a wide lower leg to fit around a ski boot, was included in an event at the Pompidou Centre in Paris celebrating Italian design.

Another sport with which Ellesse has been closely associated since its early years is tennis. The Ellesse logo references the form of a tennis ball with the shape of the tips of a pair of skis.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, Ellesse gained a reputation for combining sportswear functionality with street-level fashion styling. It was one of the first sportswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of its garments. The UK casuals/dressers adopted the brand in the ’80s as premium sportswear took off across British terrace culture known today as ’80s casuals a talked about comeback style back available in 2017 in Ellesse Heritage stores.





Iconic Italian Sporting Apparel Since 1959

A man with huge charisma, confidence and good Old Italian charm, Leonardo Servadio’s love of mountain sports in the Dolomites, northern Italy,

a deep-rooted pride of Perugia and a passion for outdoor clothing and fashion in general turned a vision into a sportswear phenomenon.

Servadio’s vision lives on through Ellesse Italia – a premium collection of simply styled, tailored Italian sportswear. Never over worked,
Ellesse Italia is the perfect blend of style, flair, form and function.

Over 50 years of sporting passion is delivered in a range of iconic style classics, reworked by incorporating modern fabrication and technology
to adapt to the needs of the modern urban dweller on or off the piste.





Founded in 1999 by Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero, F&M has a strong vintage connection linked to the world of American colleges.

Today, F & M offers a wide range of items including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, wool, bermuda and more, combining the colors and lines of casual sportswear.

Haddon PR will be handling all press aspects of Franklin & Marshall Menswear.

Contact: georgia@haddonpr.com or mark@haddonpr.com



Gabicci-logoSince 1973, Gabicci has played a huge part in music and youth culture, proudly worn by the likes of the Specials and Bob Marley, more recently Labritnth and Maverick Sabre to name just a few.

The definitive Gabicci look incorporates Italian inspired styling with an air of authority and class, brought to the UK by Gabicci founders Jack Sofier and Alex Pyser after a brief vacation in the Italian seaside town of Gabicci Mare.

Attention to detail and originality is always at the forefront of every collection, unique fabrics, buttons and linings, not to mention the heavy gold ‘G’ that remains such an iconic symbol.  This soulful look is as strong as ever today, with a new generation seeking out heritage brands to fulfill revival trends.  Following in the footsteps of the Mods, Rude Boys, Suede Heads, Rasta’s, Northern Soul and Acid Jazz boys, demand for the brand is at an all time high.

Now in 2017 generations old and new are seeking out authentic heritage brands and revival trends. As for us, we will continue to grow and to develop the brand yet still remain true to our roots.  We will experiment and collaborate where we can, keeping to our signature soulful look, whilst always remaining current.


Shot 16_0313 1



Hero’s Heroine is a streetwear brand inspired by painting on walls, pop art, hip-hop, punk, modern society and causing a disruption.






British and nationally recognised brand ‘Hype’ have fostered an enviable worldwide reputation for punchy and playful, bold and bona fide printwork: producing cogent, irresistible and significantly eloquent garments that can’t help but get noticed.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 14.52.35 Womens_Velvet



Joe Boxer was founded in 1985, with the very simple idea of taking the most basic elements of men’s clothing and remaking it to reflect Humor, Fashion and Popular Trends. Because the product is based around the idea of having fun, it gives consumers a chance to identify with, and be a part of the brand. Joe Boxer has expanded into woman and kid’s clothing and has grown way beyond its origins in underwear and spread into other merchandise such as accessories, home, bed, bath, office, recreation and sports products.

Today, Joe Boxer. sold exclusively at kmart and Sears, is a true lifestyle brand, providing contagious entertaining fun for your family and friends.



Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 20.32.44King Apparel – London’s Finest

Established in East London, King Apparel has cultivated a reputation over 12 years to become one of the leading proponents of directional British street fashion.

Independently owned and run, the brand has grown through an unwavering work ethic, quality British cut and sew design, considered exclusivity and a quiet authority that embodies the integrity, strength and character of the culture and island that we proudly represent.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 20.33.53



Out of love to art, tattoo and clothing, Le Fix was founded by Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm in Copenhagen in 1999. At its core was a group of artists and designers who created a space with creative freedom for its members to unfold their individual and mutual potential.

Le Fix has gained a unique position as a highly esteemed lifestyle brand with strong roots in Copenhagen and an in-depth international appeal. Never just for pro t but always for the love of the game, Le Fix is a unique constellation of vital knowledge in a wide array of experience.

Located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, the brand has expanded internationally while keeping an ear to the streets and a heart in the city. Le Fix owns and operates two stores in Copenhagen carrying the Le Fix collections plus a number of the most interesting lifestyle brands in the world. In addition to clothing, Le Fix is also operating two tattoo parlors, an art gallery and a wood workshop.

e many people who make up Le Fix work in separate groups on various projects and draw on each other’s experience. e mutual understanding of art, clothing and commerce elevates the common knowledge to form a synthesis of artful expressions that creates a viable business with a keen eye for detail and origin.

International sales
Kevin Rasmussen / KR@LE-FIX.COM  / Tel : +45 22 13 18 93

UK sales
Stuart Graham / Stuart@northern-fells.com / Tel: +44 751 891 327

National sales
Kasper Sills / KS@LE-FIX.COM / Tel : +45 26 66 52 62

Kronprinsensgade 9B (Back House)
1114 Copenhagen K / Denmark



14725544_358264634510886_1581576647852842004_nJapanese Inspired & Designed MATSUMOTO a premium Mens Brand that embraces the sophistication & timeless aesthetic of traditional technological innovation.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 22.27.09




A brand, created from experience, for people who enjoy the classics in life but also appreciate a point of difference to the crowd.

The MT mission statement is to develop each season, as it comes, and produce a collection of footwear that features the key style trends but through a slightly different interpretation. With the focus on new construction methods and innovative materials, defining each design as modern take on classic footwear silhouettes.

Like the people we hope will want to wear them, the aim is never to be pigeonholed into one category. We aim to offer you footwear with a slight twist in their souls…





money-jeansEstablished in 2003, Money exploded onto the fashion scene with a unique range of menswear, completely fresh in its approach. Adopting the artisan mentality of classic mens tailoring married with the urgency and free thinking of British lifestyle humour and swagger.

Quickly rising trough the ranks by word of mouth, humour and strong trend driven collections, Money became the choice of the fashion — concious youth and seasoned casuals alike.

This year Money celebrate 14th year as a brand and continue to adopt the same ethos as always — ‘Continue to Create’




Night Addict is a lifestyle brand for the world to be a part of. It is an anonymous global community of world travellers, explorers and modern world thinkers. Night addict is for all the scholars, the star gazers, fate believers, observers of society and charismatic social magnets of the planet. Be a part of the movement.
Night Addict present their AW17 collection with pieces such as fur collar bomber jackets, statement rose embroidered denim, satin jackets, printed and embroidered detail Tshirts as well as tracksuits, all in a dark winter colour pallet of black and greys with contrasting bright yellow and rose gold zips.
Dropping mid August at www.nightaddict.global
Lookbook available here
for samples please contact mark@Haddonpr.com



belianskyNOVESTA made it’s humble beginnings in Slovakia’s historic Bata Industrial Park in 1939 specializing in crude rubber and cotton canvas. It quickly became the main supplier to top European designers and shoemakers for over half a century. In 1992, NOVESTA, the brand, was formed. It continues to supply top brands with their crude rubber, but it is now renown as one of the top shoe companies in the world. NOVESTA only uses natural materials in their production and always finishes with a touch of European sensibility.





Iconic surf brand, Ocean Pacific (Op) are back this summer with a capsule collection for women featuring some of the brands original designs, boasting celebrity fans such as Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan and Alessandra Ambrosio, exclusively for Urban Outfitters!

The collection consists of an array of shorts in fabrics such as corduroy and jersey, t-shirts, vests, crew neck jumpers and windbreakers as well as board shorts.

Designed in partnership with Op’s founder Jim Jenks to create modern pieces that evoke a

sense of nostalgia, Ocean Pacific’s famous screen-printed surf prints, bright, block summer colours, and cult-classic corduroy shorts, all of which dominated the California surf scene of the 1970s and ‘80s, are among the refashioned designs in this collaboration and will be sure to see you stand out this season.

“Ocean Pacific has been a staple in surf culture and the California lifestyle for more than four decades, and this is the perfect time to bring our past iconic pieces to a consumer who is looking to find heritage brands that authentically support her lifestyle”

Available now from https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/en-gb/brands/op. Prices range from £26 – £90.

For samples please contact georgia@haddonpr.com.

Instagram: @oceanpacificop


okuh-blackOkuh Studios is a contemporary street wear label born in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Fitzroy, Australia. Inspired by a spectrum of sun bleached colours and modern shapes, while taking design cues from the ’90s rave and techno scenes blended with Japanese pop culture.




Presented By are proud to bring you the ultimate London sneaker store offering limited edition, rare and exclusive collectables ranging from £100 – £100,000





Launched out of the meteoric success of co-founder shawn “JAYZ” Carter and named after his record label Roc-a-Fella, ROC represents a borderless, global lifestyle. Founded in 1999, the brand creates culture far beyond the realm of music. Continually evolved, keeping ahead of fashion trends.





Timeless British watches & Accessories.






The premium line of the world famous sports heritage brand Starter. Since 1971 the Starter brand has been worn by the most influential athletes, coaches & stars of music and film and has become known as THE authentic sportswear brand. The Starter logo carefully embroidered onto every garment & accessory has become a stamp of authenticity for the product and its wearer. Reinstating this unrivalled heritage Starter Black label continues to pioneer the fusion of sports apparel and accessories with fashion, streetwear and popular culture.

Offering a huge collection of headwear and sports fashion clothing for men and kids, find the latest snapbacks, caps, beanies, bucket hats and trucker caps aswell as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jog pants & jackets. Starter also offers co-licensed headwear and clothing with the likes of Parental Advisory, Looney Tunes, Space Jam, Batman Arkham series & MTV. Starter offers a huge selection of only the best of the best.

Look For The Star.


Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 14.23.59




WeSC SS18 collection;
The SS18 line is inspired from a road trip that starts in Los Angeles with the sea, palms, beach and that ends in Las Vegas with its neon signs and bright colours. WeSC have also found inspiration from the dessert, the road and motel signs you drive by on this high way trip. You can also see that WeSC were inspired form the Hawaii printed shirts that Brad Pitt is wearing in Fear, Loathing in Las Vegas and the high waisted Denims in Thelma and Louise and the cropped pants on jean Reno in Leon.


The SS18 line is available in sizes from XXS-XXL from


It began in the early ’70s in the undisputed center of the universe, New York City.  Championed by a tight-knit crew of progressive minds who lived and breathed NYC’s raw creative energy, a unique social movement began to take root that was strongly influenced by New York’s unforgiving streets and colorful weave of global flavors.  The Soul Artists of Zoo York sprang to life from Manhattan’s Riverside Park and built a thriving scene with aerosol, skateboards, block rockin’ beats, and originality at its core that quickly took on a life of its own and became an unstoppable global force.

By the dawn of the ’80s, the term Zoo York had come to firmly symbolize NYC’s underground sect of artists, b-boys, skateboarders, punks, and their various creative off-shoots.  The Zoo York revolution was in full effect as graf writers bombed trains, DJ’s mastered the wheels of steel, and skateboarders staked their claim to now legendary spots like Astor, Washington Square, and the Brooklyn Banks.

In 1993, OG skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Gessner and Adam Schatz teamed up to found the East Coast’s first true skateboarding-inspired lifestyle brand – Zoo York.  The trio siphoned creative inspiration from NYC’s rapidly evolving skateboarding, hip-hop, and graffiti scenes to produce a variety of culturally relevant products that were dark and gritty like New York City.  What started off as a simple line of decks and T-shirts steadily grew into a full-blown streetwear collection marked by military surplus, urban-athletic styling that was designed to withstand the city’s rugged terrain.

Today, Zoo York is a highly evolved, globally recognized brand with unbreakable East Coast attitude and dialect.  As it has since day one, Zoo’s product line continues to be heavily influenced by skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, punk, and everything in between.  The Manhattan-based brand proudly serves up a wide range of casual, utilitarian looks for men and women that fuse authentic military-influenced overtones with iconic Zoo York City imagery.  Additionally, the company continues to be backed strongly by the Zoo Crew, which includes original NYC graffiti artists, designers, musicians, BMX riders, and some of the biggest names in the skateboard community.